Resolve Engineering Group

RESOLVE Engineering Group, LLC (REG) provides comprehensive services in naval architecture and marine engineering to the maritime industry. The foundation for our work is the broad knowledge base of our engineers and designers, allowing us to provide cost effective products focused on the client's needs.

REG's core technical expertise is in naval architecture, marine engineering, and structural arrangements and engineering.

Our primary project expertise is in:

  • New vessel designs tailored to specific performance requirements and simultaneously supporting efficient construction
  • Vessel Modification Engineering
  • Shipyard Support

We have full engineering capability for Naval Architecture, Structural Analysis, Machinery, Vessel Modification and Design Services, and combine these with robust project management and operations planning. REG achieves competitive advantage through focus on high quality standards, sound engineering practice and prompt client support.

All products are supervised by professional engineers and sealed to assure clients of adherence to the highest professional quality standards.

  • RMG 1000 Launch
    June 07, 2012
    RESOLVE Engineering to launch the RMG 1000, a 1000 ton A Frame Barge on June 15 in Grandview, IN
  • American Phoenix
    July 24, 2012
    RESOLVE Engineering provides construction support for 49,00 DWT tanker which is the largest vessel ever built in AL.

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